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A list of guides and stories from the destinations that I've traveled to so far: Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and a tour de Central America.

Moscow Guide

Got a question about what to do in Moscow? Want to know more about Russian language? Let me be your tour guide through one of the biggest, craziest cities in the world!

Expat Life

Living abroad can be tough. Use my experience to help you find your way with tips on surviving expat life: tips on navigating language difficulties, intercultural relationships, and day-to-day weirdness.

Teaching ESL in Russia

Want to know the ins and out of teaching English in Russia? I've got the DL on what you'll need to be accepted and the best (and worst) schools to look for.

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Exchange Rate - Oct 2014

Every day I wake up to the Russky’s grandmother blasting the news full volume on one of the various televisions in the house. We suspect it’s a habit born of being alone (and pretty deaf) in a large house for years. Despite living on a different floor, the first thing that wakes me up in […]

Frozen leaves

Well, it’s official guys. One full day of sleety snow has amounted to not much except a thin sheen of snow/ice over everything here. Yup, it’s mid-October and there’s snow in Moscow. The pictures here are just when the first smattering of snow started to fall and I was charmed. Since then it’s gotten markedly […]

moscow night 2

It’s been a weird couple of weeks, guys. I’ve basically blown through endless cups of tea and too many hours without much to show for it. I’m either writing for the magazine or writing for the blog or writing the guidebook or trying to hustle for some business. The blog I’m not tired of because, […]

Processed with VSCOcam

All over the internet there are sites saying the same thing: “Armenia is one big campground!” Well, yes and no. It’s true that camping in Armenia is far wilder than in other countries. Is there an incredible amount of open space throughout the small country? Yes. Does it belong to someone? If it’s somewhere that’s […]

365 DAYS

Today I’d like to welcome Eva to the blog – she’s another expat and the face behind a brilliant project documenting what life is really like in Russia after the sanctions happened. Read on to find out more about the 365 Days of Russian Ban on Food. Can you tell us a little bit about […]