Absolute Essentials Which You Need When You Travel

Packing up to go traveling can be a pretty stressful experience and even the most organised amongst us will have a mini freak out that we are going to forget something important.

I have traveled extensively in the last 5 years and during that time I have panicked on a  regular basis about whether or not I have enough socks, if I forgot shoes, t-shirts, chargers and whatever else it is that I am supposed to take. In the last year or so however, I have become much more relaxed  about my packing, as I know that as long as I cover the absolute essentials, I will be just fine.

Passport and Visa

It is no surprise to anyone to learn that getting into another country, or even leaving your own, is not possible without a passport. I would say that this is one of the things that people usually remember, but you need to know if it is still valid, as many people aren’t aware of when it expires. If you are traveling to a country whereby your require a visa, you will need to have actually processed it, and also need to have all of your documents on hand. If you have a last minute passport or visa panic, head to www.travelvisapro.com where you can get your issues solved quickly.

Money or Means

My school of thought when packing up to go traveling, is that as long as I have my passport, my travel plans and my money, everything else will be ok. If you forget clothes you can buy them again, lose a charger you can replace it and anything else which you may have forgotten, can usually be re-bought. The key to all of this however, is having money, and that is why you must plan ways and means to have some. I like to have some local currency in my wallet, I usually carry some US dollars in my main bag, and I will also take 2 or 3 debit and credit cards, 2 of which in my wallet, and another inside my bag. The reason for this is that I want to cover all bases in terms of getting my cash out should something go wrong.

Travel Details

Whilst it is not always absolutely vital that you carry your travel documentation with you, it is important that you have a way in which you can access it. For example I like to have all of my travel plans on my Tripit app on my phone, which houses all of the important info that I need. What I will also do in this situation is to carry paper copies of the documents, and ensure that they are all in my email inbox. In the worst case scenario, jumping on  computer and accessing your emails is pretty simple, and can ensure that you have all of the important information which you need to travel with.

What is on your list of essential items which you’ll take with you when traveling?

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