The Best Cities In South East Asia

I have been fortunate enough to visit nearly all of the countries in South East Asia several times. During my travels there have been 3 cities that stood out. The best thing about going back to these cities is that they are constantly evolving and changing, I always discover something new and exciting when I return.

I love the fact that accommodation throughout South East Asia is so affordable and you will always find something for whatever budget you have. I always opt to use a great hotel booking site when I am planning my trip because it allows me to weigh up the options, from the comfort of my own home, before making a decision.

Here are my top 3 cities in the region that you all should visit, some sooner than later.

Kuala Lumpur 

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I landed in KL because I had heard mixed reports – I ended up falling in love with the place. It’s clean, organised, safe and most of all friendly. There’s so much to see and do here, one thing you can’t miss is getting your pic in front of the iconic Petronas Towers (I am sure you’ve seen plenty of snaps on Facebook). Once you’ve finished exploring you need to find any local restaurant and feast on Nasi Lemak, the most famous dish in the country. I always opt to book KL Sentral Hotel via Traveloka when I am in town.


If there’s one country in the world that is changing at break neck speed then it’s Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon. Myanmar has become somewhat democratic now and that has opened the flood gates for tourism and business. Before the skyline was dominated by the Shwedagon Pagoda (which you must visit), now you will see plenty of skyscrapers, large hotels and also apartment buildings. I would recommend hoping on the circular train to see how the locals live, then sipping tea in a local tea shop and finally onto Chinatown for a BBQ feast at night.


No list about South East Asia would be complete without mentioning the ‘daddy’ of the region. Bangkok has it all, from local markets to the most exquisite high class malls. It’s super easy to get around this huge city on the skytrain or even by taxi. I would start by heading down to the river where you can take a boat tour, you can hop on and off the boat at various stops to stroll around the local areas. Then head on to the grand palace before having a sunset drink at Sala Arun.

What’s your favourite South East Asian city? I would love to hear your thoughts. Just pop your comments in the box below.

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