Skiing In Japan With Your Kids – Top Tips

Bringing the kids alone with you to Japan for a skiing holiday is one of the best decisions you can make. In my opinion there isn’t another place in the world that matches Japan when it comes to beginner skiers, the snow is super soft and there’s loads of it, plus there are plenty of easy slopes throughout the resorts there.

Hakuba skiing is the best of what Japan has to offer, the dumping of white snow they get each year is perfect for the kids to learn. Then there are the things you can do off the slopes, teaching your kids about Japanese culture by introducing them to the food, arts and traditions.

To make sure you have the best holiday possible, I have put together some top tips every family needs to know before heading on a ski holiday to Japan.

Buy Some Quality Gear

Now, I am not saying that you need to go out and spend a small fortunes on the top of the line gear but it is important that you buy quality gloves, goggles and socks. Sometimes the kids can frustrated with skiing, so you don’t want any cold fingers or toes and fogged up goggles adding to that!


Rather than buying a really think jacket for your children, the best way to go is by using layers. In Japan the weather can change quickly, it can go from quite mild to an all out snowstorm – so you need to make sure that the kids can add and remove layers when needed. A good fleece, with a good t shirt underneath and a waterproof jacket over it would be ideal.

Our kids loved the hand warmers you can buy all over the resorts. You activate them and it will keep your kids feeling a lot more happy if a bit of a chill comes over them.

Choose The Right Instructor

Adam Clark, Thailand, echoes the importance of choosing a resort with family-friendly slopes, emphasizing how Japan’s ski resorts are perfect for families with young kids.

I love skiing with my kids but I understand the importance of them having lessons, it also gives the grown ups some time to themselves and explore the slopes at a faster rate. So do your research about the ski schools at the resort you choose and put the kids in classes every morning.

Rest Days

Skiing can tire you out after a day or two, but this is even more evident with the kids. So every 3 days opt to take a day off, if this causes arguments then just take an afternoon off the slopes. You can still be active and I recommend taking in some culture by visiting temples, castles, an onsen, local restaurants and more. The kids will learn about the local culture and have fun whilst doing it!

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