Weighing Up Some Of Europe’s Finest Local Cuisine

Which is your favorite European cuisine? Today we have assimilated a list of some of Europe’s heavyweight nations, and the food which their respective regions hold dear. Take a look at some of these delicious local dishes, and see which one would be your favorite.


British food has a reputation for being hearty, filling and most importantly, comforting, especially during those cold and rainy months. Here you can see a selection of some of the finest traditional cuisine from the various regions in the UK, which one would you choose to warm you up?


Often underrated for their cuisine, the German style of food is very heavy on meat and dairy and with some of these delicious delicacies on offer throughout the nation, it is a wonder as to why more people don’t talk up the German cuisine.


For many, many years now France has provided the benchmark which all restaurants who want to offer fine cuisine must reach. Whilst the French may do high class cuisine like few other nations, the French have a few more strings to their bow than that and if you look through some of the region’s within France, you’ll see that they offer a wide range of delicious dishes.


Food in Spain is about far more than just eating and there is a real culture attached to the preparation of the food, the selection of ingredients and of course, the way in which they eat. The Spanish celebrate food instead of using it as convenience and you can see this from the varied and beautiful dishes which each region has to offer.


Italian cooking has been exported throughout the world and you don’t have to travel very far to find a restaurant serving up some Italian treats. As with most indigenous foods however, the dishes is Italy itself are on an entirely different level and just looking at these regional classics is more than enough to make your mouth water.

Which nation serves up the finest cuisine in your view? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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