How to Stay In Shape Whilst You Are On The Road

Looking after your body can be difficult at the best of times but especially when you go traveling. There is a temptation when you are on the road, to neglect you’re exercise and succumb to the party lifestyle which many traveler enjoy so much. The good news however, is that going traveling does not have to be a stunning block on your road to a healthy body, and there is much that you can be doing, to ensure that you stay on top of how you look.

Let’s have a look at some top tips for keeping you body in shape when you go traveling.

Using The Internet

The first thing that you should be doing is ensuring that some of you surf time online, is dedicated to looking into websites which are all about fitness. You could look at sites such as for example which is full of helpful tips and diet ideas. The internet is a great idea when you are traveling abroad as you will be seeing and eating new and exciting foods, which you need to understand in terms of their nutritional value.


Routine is something which is difficult to attain when you are traveling, especially when it comes to exercise. In spite of how much you may be traveling from place to place, and the plans which you may have in each destination, you must ensure that you make some time to exercise. The best way to do this is to promise yourself 30 minutes of exercise per day, at the least. With just 30 minutes of active exercise, you can stay in shape far easier.


At the very least, you should be trying to run wherever possible, an exercise which requires absolutely nothing but you, your trainers and then a beach or stretch of road. Running is excellent for cardio and can really help you from putting weight on whilst you are away.

No Machine Workout

If you have access to a local gym or a street gym then great, if you don’t have access to a gym, that doesn’t mean that you cannot workout. Depending on what kind of body you are looking to achieve, you can do a wide range of workouts, without a single piece of machinery. Exercises like press-ups, sit-ups, burpees, squats and other resistance workouts don’t require anything but time and effort, and you can do them anywhere. To get the most out of these exercises I would recommend that you do them with a tabata timer which sees you perform each exercise for 20 seconds, with a 10 second break in between, repeating 8 times.

Use What You Find

If you are looking for a strengthening workout, you need to get creative in terms of what you use to work out with. Much like Rocky in the movie, you can use anything for strengthening from your rucksack to logs or even heavy stones which you may find. Anything which is relatively heavy and you can use for a workout, will be perfect to help you stay on track of your body goals.

Traveling is not an excise to workout, be smart, plan well and you can ensure that you stay in shape.

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