Top outdoor activities in Utah

Utah will never let you down when it comes to spending time in its great outdoors. There are so many premier hot spots that one can spend a lifetime and still not be able to reach every nook and cranny of this amazing state.

With five National Parks, five national forests and 43 state parks equivalent to almost half the total area of Utah, the natural riches are well protected. With such a vast area, scope for people to spend time in the open is there to be enjoyed. Hiking, climbing, rafting, kayaking, boating, water skiing and golf are just a few of the outdoor recreational options on offer.

Utah is not only a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts but the accommodation on offer is also pretty amazing. Utah cabin rentals are cute, cozy and comfortable and make for perfect places to lay back and relax after your adventures.

Go rafting in Canyonlands National Park

The Cataract Canyon stretch in Canyonland National Park, offers some challenging rafting opportunities which though quite daunting, are highly popular with outdoor activists.The hundred mile trip ending at the Glen Canyon recreational area,typically takes five days to complete. While some high rapids do pose a problem, outfitters and groups have no qualms in traversing this epic course.

Hiking in Zion National Park

Zion National Park offers hikers one of the most unique but rewarding hike to Angels Landing, the most picturesque view point in the park. After a two mile hike along the West Rim Trail, hikers need to climb for half a mile, up a strenuous slope to a height of 440 m 8n order to access the peak. If that does not deter you, the sheer 30 m drops on either side of your chain propelled climb is not for those who don’t have a head for heights. Needless to say, once at the top, hikers soon realise the fruit of their efforts.

Ski the powder laden slopes of Utah

The 14 ski and snowboard resorts of Utah, play host to millions from the US as well as across the world to its powder laden slopes. Host of the 2002 Winter Olympics in these disciplines, Utah in addition, has hundreds of miles of backcountry waiting to be explored. In just one ski run,an ardent outdoor fan will realise why the fluffy snow routes has made this the best skiing destination in the world.

Go fly fishing in eastern Utah

The Green river, below the Flaming Gorge dam in eastern Utah is a paradise for fly fishing enthusiasts. It is said that just a visit to the place is so memorable because of the stunning scenery, people tend to overlook if the catch is not good, in lieu of the beauty of the place. Large trout are the main target fish of the fly fishers, and with plenty of professional guides available to assist you, chances of landing your prized trophy are quite high.

Yacht in the Great Salt Lake

This is the largest and most saline water body west of the Great Lakes, with a salt content at places as high as 27%, compared to the 3% of our oceans. The effect of the high density of salt and combination of other minerals present in the lake make for some surreal scenes when the light of the setting Sun reflects off them. The Great Lake Yachting Club offers some marvellous sailing opportunities in this rather overlooked recreational destination.

Go camping at the Spiral Jetty

The Spiral Jetty is a wild and desolate spot. The spot is an old oil rig, and serves as an ideal place for camping, stargazing and above all photography. The Jetty itself is a great prop for landscapes and provides an amazing outdoor experience.

The Spiral Jetty is a land art in reality. A guest book lies hidden under the rocks in a green bag. The book has the invoice in it of the original jetty. Carry a camera, sleeping bag,water and tent as it can get extremely cold at night.

Climb Backpack Mount

This is the second highest mountain of the Wasatch range, with the Timpanogos glacier located near the base. The trail head here starts at Timpooneke campground and is pretty straightforward. The base camp is a good 6.5 miles walk to the Timpanogos basin through a valley full of wildflowers

The base to the summit is a 2 mile climb to the 11,749 feet top. Be sure to look out for mountain goats along the way. The views from the top are so spectacular, that they are sure to take your breath away.

Rejuvenate yourself at Fifth Water Hot Springs

This 10 mile round trip to Diamond Fork, where the hot springs are located, is a mind blowing experience. There are three scenic waterfalls on the way, with the second one being the best for taking pictures.

Once at the pools, there are designated spots where you can bathe, depending on the temperature of your choice. The water smells a bit of sulphur,  but is otherwise clean. During winter, as there is snow around, the place can only be accessed by a 4×4 vehicle.

When it comes to experiencing the great outdoors, there are very few places on earth that can compare with what Utah has to offer. In Utah, the action lasts all through the year, irrespective of the season. It is ,in fact, a complete paradise for action lovers, with endless potential for many different activities. You can make a hundred visits to Utah, but you will be hardly able to even scratch the surface.

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