A Girl’s Travel Packing List!

Right girls, it is time to once and for all address what you need to take with you when you are going traveling so that you are fully prepared for all eventualities, and you have a light backpack to lug around the world. It is in moments like this that I wish I was a boy, they just throw a few pairs of shorts and t-shirts in to their bags and throw on some flip-flops and shades and hey presto, our selection process is far more intense.

I have been doing this for some time now and I think that I have a bag that is packed with all that I need, without going overboard. If you are heading away soon, maybe you can take some inspiration from what goes into my backpack.


Ok so let’s start with which shoes you should take with you when you are hitting the road, it should go without saying that you are going to have to make some big sacrifices here. The first bit of bad news is no heels, they take up far too much space and they won’t be used very often. Instead you should take a pair of sandals, comfortable sandals that is, a pair of trainers and a pair of black flats. The black flats work with everything and if you are heading on a night out they will serve you well, they also squeeze into the smallest of spaces.

Clothing Options

We are lucky in one respect that our clothes are quite small and you can take quite a bit with you. I usually fill my bag with shorts and vest tops, the odd t-shirt, one pair of jeans, underwear and a light, foldaway jacket. It can be heartbreaking to leave so much stuff behind but you’ll be thankful that you did once you hit the road. Naturally much of your clothing choices will depend on where you are going, after all, a vest top won’t do you much good in the Canadian wilderness, plan ahead and keep it minimal.


I love accessories and when I travel I do tend to take quite a few with me so that I can spruce up my outfit. It is important however that you do not take anything that is valuable on the road with you as the chances of losing it, breaking it or having it stolen are simply too high. My absolute go-to accessory is a large scarf which I use for so many purposes, I use it to keep warm, to protect my face from sand, to cover my head when I need to be respectful and to protect my head and face from the midday sun. If you only take one accessory with you on the road, make sure it is a large, multipurpose scarf.

Beauty Products

The only beauty products that I take are a small bottle of shampoo and a small bottle of soap, a deodorant can and a small bottle of perfume, nothing more. You can buy everything that you need on the road so there is no point in turning your backpack into a mobile vanity table.

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