The 5 safest countries to travel in

I often talk about the dangers of solo female travel and how us girls need to do all that we can to stay safe on the road and I worry at times that I am presenting a negative view of solo female travel. In order to counteract this then I wanted to talk today about the safest countries which I have traveled to since my time on the road. I have put together the top 5 countries which made me feel incredibly safe as both a human and a solo girl traveler. If you want to ensure your safety when you hit the road, here are 5 countries that you can count on for their security.


Not only is Iceland one of my favorite countries that I have visited, it is also one of the safest and most secure that I have ever been to. Both during my time in Reykjavik and my wanderings into the north of the country, I was more than happy to walk about alone, visit bars and restaurants on my own and even when night fell I had no issues in terms of my safety. The crime rates are really low in Iceland and the men seem to have a great deal of respect for women.


Whilst the stereotype about Italian men being romantics is certainly true, and getting asked out is common place over in Italy, none of it felt sleazy or as though I was being harassed. The cat calls were still to be heard in one or two places but other than that I went about my trip with peace and quiet and without any fear of something bad happening.


The reputation which the Canadiens have for their politeness is absolutely on the money and this extends to the way in which men treat the fairer sex. I spent a great amount of time in Canada visiting Toronto, Vancouver and Whistler and in none of those areas did I ever feel uncomfortable, afraid or in any danger.


My thoughts on the Germans are that everyone seems to be pretty joyful and they just want to have a good time. This jolly atmosphere means that crimes against women are one of the lowest in Europe and I happily walked around Berlin in the wee small hours on my own, without even a hint of worry. I really enjoyed my time in Germany and I felt safer wandering the streets that I have in any other country.


There must be something about the northern parts of Europe that really looks after the girls and Sweden was yet another country which made me feel incredibly safe and secure. In fact I would go as far to say that the Swedish men were absolute gents and I cannot tell you how many times someone opened the door for me or gave up their cab for me. The country is one of the most expensive that I have been to but I guess in return for your money, you are offered a great amount of security and respect.

What are some of the safest countries that you have been to? Let us know in the comments section below this post.

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