Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

Asking yourself if you need travel insurance often comes up before you go on holidays and most people have to think twice about it. The reality is that you absolutely need travel insurance to ensure you have a safe trip and to ensure that you are covered in the event of something going wrong. Naturally, I would always recommend it, but here are some reasons that you should always take out travel insurance.

What is Medical Travel Insurance?

The main difference between a regular travel insurance and a medical travel insurance is that it covers pre-existing conditions. Regular policies won’t cover you if you have pre-existing conditions – only medical fees! So for example, if you have an existing heart condition, regular travel insurances won’t cover you or reimburse you for medical costs, even if you get sick while traveling. It’s important to do your research beforehand if you have and pre-existing condition and take an insurance policy that covers your needs such as

Your Local Policies Won’t Cover You

Love it or hate it, your policy in your home country generally won’t cover you in the event that something happens to you overseas. You may need medical treatment immediately and you would be required to pay the costs out of your own pocket, which could definitely cut your trip short and ruin your holiday. It is important to have travel insurance, preferably from a reliable provider to ensure that you have the right cover in the event that something happens

You May Be Visiting a Remote Area

Remote areas are not always blessed with the best medical infrastructure that large cities or towns have and this is another great reason to have health insurance. Imagine that you needed to get airlifted to a hospital because you were traveling in a remote area. You would need to bear the costs, which could be crippling! The costs of a helicopter or plane would be extremely high and you would definitely be feeling the pain long after your holiday! 

You Can Reclaim Cancellation Costs

Flights that are cancelled or rescheduled can seriously put a dent in your holiday plans and there are many reasons that these could occur. Travel insurance allows you to claim for expenses that you may incur as a result of this. Imagine you need to book a new flight, this would obviously mean that you would need to pay more money out of pocket and the costs at the last minute could be huge. Travel insurance allows you to claim for these costs, so that you never have to worry about cancellations or reschedules ever again.

Liability Insurance

When you travel, we all know that things go wrong and in the process things could happen like a car accident or something like this. In these situations, property is usually damaged and people can get hurt. Travel insurance is the perfect way to avoid having to pay out of pocket for these kinds of costs, which can be extremely expensive. Obviously it is not ideal to think about a situation where you might be at fault, but accidents do happen and you really cannot put a price on peace of mind. 


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