5 Countries to Visit in 2017

We may be into September and coming into the winter months but that does not mean that your travel plans should be over for the year. In fact this is a perfect time to visit many countries who are either entering their summer, or who have plenty to offer a tourist during the fall and winter months. If you aren’t finished with your 2017 travel just yet and looking for a destination to head to, here are 5 countries that I can wholeheartedly recommend to enjoy the latter stages of the year.


Mexico is such an enormous country and there are so many things for tourists to see on a  trip here. If you are looking for some sunshine then head down to the southern Caribbean coast where you will find the beaches of Cancun, Merida and Play del Carmen soaked in sunshine. If you are looking for something a little more urban then Mexico City would be a great choice for you, this city is thriving cosmopolitan metropolis which offers tourists the best of both old and new Mexican culture.


Morocco is a truly beautiful country with hospitable and kind people living within it. A trip to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without visiting the city of Marrakech complete with its souks and old squares where you can enjoy the very best of Moroccan culture. For those who are looking for some beach time, coastal locations like Agadir and Casablanca make for an excellent choice.

New Zealand

Breathtaking is the word that always comes to mind when I think about New Zealand and the large variety of natural landscapes which you will find here are pretty much unrivaled. Sprawling green fields, mountains and glaciers are just some of the natural highlights which you will find here and exploring this country is so much fun. For anyone out there who is an adventure lover, this is the perfect country for you as New Zealand has become something of the world’s capital of high octane activities and adrenalin-felled sports.


I really fell in love with Portugal during my time in Lisbon last year and if you are looking for a European break, this is the country that I would recommend. On the southern coast of the country you will find the glorious Algarve, a sun-drenched region which is famous for both tourism and its golf courses. If you prefer a city break then the capital Lisbon is a great spot for you, the city is bright, colorful and offers a certain traditional charm which I have not found anywhere else.


Although the UK is technically considered as a country, under that umbrella is beautiful Scotland and this could make for a great autumn break for you. You should be warned that it gets very cold in Scotland, especially when you head north so make sure you pack your warm clothing. The natural beauty of Scotland is absolutely incredible and if you are up for exploring you can find rugged landscapes, huge expanses, lakes and mountains as you wander through the country. For those looking for a city break, the capital Edinburgh is the perfect place, the city combines its traditional medieval heritage with its castles and ancient streets, with all of the trappings of a modern city.

Where are you heading this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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