Berryville VA park

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Hey all. Sorry there’s been a little radio silence over in these parts. We were a little busy. In the past week we were in five Central American countries, both got and got over some sort of local stomach unpleasantness, and ended up back in America. Weighing out our finances versus upcoming plans versus ticket prices meant it made sense to leave sooner rather than later. So we’re here, back in my hometown of Berryville (the town I love to hate) for a few weeks. The Russky will be back to the motherland at the start of July and I’ll be along at some point or I’ll just meet him in our second magazine destination at the start of September.

On the subject of the magazine, please take a moment to head over here (or click the pretty banner above) to sign up for our e-mail and follow the accounts. You’ll only get a maximum of two e-mail a month and they’ll be full of interesting backstories, updates, and giveaways all related to our featured city. It would mean a lot to me, the Russky, and all of our contributors if you could show us some support for this big venture!

Thanks for sticking with me guys. The in flux parts of life aren’t always the most thrilling from the outside, but I promise there are epic things to come. In the meantime, we’ll be picnicking and scrounging our dollars, rubles, cordobas, quetzals, etc.

Tree shadow

Leather Camera Bag

The Ruskky