I feel as if I’ve been a bit absent from the blog lately. Not literally, as I’ve been posting normally. But in the sense that my mind really isn’t working at its full capacity. Actually, if I think about it a little harder, I feel as if that could probably describe my entire life at the moment.

Work has taken over my life in a not particularly fun way. It’s the same hours as it has been (long), but with more duties and ensuing stress. What time isn’t spent at work or traveling to/from work is usually spent in an exhausted lump in my bed.

The joys of working abroad…

Teaching ESL is not all the drunken fun that it’s made out to be. Often, particularly in a country like Russia where your tenuous legal existence in the country depends on it, the stakes feel almost insurmountably high. What would be a normal slump (a stressful week, winter weather blues, etc) turns into a deep ravine where everything feels much worse than it needs to. But let’s be honest: the inescapable fact is that work while living abroad is pretty much… inescapable. And this reliance on a job and the visa it provides makes work feel like that much more of a necessity.

In the end though, I have to remind myself that work is work. Just like I can say that jetting off to a third-world country to teach ESL probably won’t make your work life much better, I have to remember that I could be anywhere in the world and be dealing with the same situation. Kind of depressing, sure. But really: it’s a good reminder that while I can’t necessarily change the way I spend my work days, I can maximize my free time to the absolute fullest.

So here’s to: relaxing more and stressing less. going on more walks. getting back to taking pictures. finding more fulfilling work experiences.

And to end on an even happier albeit evil note, here is a picture of the darling (damnably NOT STRESSED) Russky. Just because he never reads my blog and he doesn’t have to know…