Moscow City Day (but mostly Krispy Kreme)

I set off early on Saturday to enjoy the excitement that is День Города (Moscow City Day), a celebration that happens the first weekend of September to celebrate the wonderful city of Moscow. I arrived downtown early to meet with a new friend and ended up enjoying the parade of marching bands on Tverskaya Street. There was a whole group of different countries offering some sweet music; no Americans, though. With current tensions, I wouldn’t be surprised if our pep band wasn’t invited to the party.

Regardless of the lack of Americans, there was plenty to enjoy while walking down the street. I got to see all of the the countries as they were still waiting around when I got there. Some countries were more serious during their wait:


And some were having a little more fun:


After hearing the bands, I headed out to meet up with some friends. After successfully navigating the awful mess that is central Moscow during a holiday (think paths blocked, metal detectors, confused people bumping into each other, etc), we ended up on a small side street located right next to Red Square. We saw a long line of Russians and decided to queue up just for the hell of it. Turned out to be a wise idea — Krispy Kreme was giving out six free donuts to each person in honor of the opening of their very first store in Moscow.

Glorious. Simply glorious. Our sweet-tooth American-ness came out as we devoured several donuts right there on the chilly steps, Russian superstitions be damned! (It’s a Russian superstition that women who sit on the ground can become barren… Cheap birth control?)

A parade, some sun, happy Muscovites, and free donuts — what else could you possibly want from a September weekend and a Moscow City Day?!

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  • Anna

    These are great! I especially LOOOOVE that last photo! I’m in the process of editing a bunch of Moscow Day pix for my own post (I took 150+). Did you see the Korean marching band dancing Gangnam Style? My mom was like, WHAT are they doing? while my sister and I cracked up and danced along. Also, I dont like donuts but your KK pix made me all America-nostalgic. My family tried to drag me in the direction of the Kremlin and Kuznecky Most, but we already waked 3 boulevards AND I was kind of drunk by that point, so we went to McD instead :)

    • Polly

      No I missed the Gangnam Style dancing… Damn. Yeah, you didn’t miss much near the Kremlin… Just a ton of people wandering around trying to figure out how to get around the barriers. McD’s was a sound choice :)

  • J.W. Lausch

    Since they closed their store on the Berlin Turnpike, your aunt Marie and I haven’t had Krispy Kreme donuts in a long time. But there you are, in Moscow, going barren (It’s also an old Polish superstition) while getting fatter. Priceless!

    • Anna

      Nothing like a good reality check!

  • Jamie

    Oh gosh, I’ve run into the “don’t sit on the floor or you’ll _______” more times than I’d like. Most recently, I was told it was because the cold would give me a UTI or bladder infection. Come on. So, I feel your pain on that annoying one.

  • Rhea

    Of course, the cold does suppress the immune system which could theoretically make infection more likely and thus cause XYZ problems, so it’s not 100% based in fiction, but it’s still obnoxious to hear. And infertility is a far cry from that. As long as you aren’t routinely icing your lady bits, I probably wouldn’t worry.

    I enjoyed the pictures; particularly the hat stacking.

  • Kate Hall

    This looks awesome, who doesn’t love free doughnuts?!

  • Cassandra

    After reading this post, I think you should dedicate an entry to Russian superstitions!!

    • Polly

      Excellent idea; there are lots of good ones!

  • Kiki

    A friend of mine sent me to your blog… I’m about to move to Moscow also. I have many friends there and will be teaching English as well. Love to hear about foreign experiences in places. I’m currently in Belgrade, Serbia…Loving your blog though! :)

    • Polly

      That’s so exciting! Drop me a line in my e-mail if you have any questions or want to meet up when you get here!

  • familyinasuitcase
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