I set off early on Saturday to enjoy the excitement that is День Города (Moscow City Day), a celebration that happens the first weekend of September to celebrate the wonderful city of Moscow. I arrived downtown early to meet with a new friend and ended up enjoying the parade of marching bands on Tverskaya Street. There was a whole group of different countries offering some sweet music; no Americans, though. With current tensions, I wouldn’t be surprised if our pep band wasn’t invited to the party.

Regardless of the lack of Americans, there was plenty to enjoy while walking down the street. I got to see all of the the countries as they were still waiting around when I got there. Some countries were more serious during their wait:


And some were having a little more fun:


After hearing the bands, I headed out to meet up with some friends. After successfully navigating the awful mess that is central Moscow during a holiday (think paths blocked, metal detectors, confused people bumping into each other, etc), we ended up on a small side street located right next to Red Square. We saw a long line of Russians and decided to queue up just for the hell of it. Turned out to be a wise idea — Krispy Kreme was giving out six free donuts to each person in honor of the opening of their very first store in Moscow.

Glorious. Simply glorious. Our sweet-tooth American-ness came out as we devoured several donuts right there on the chilly steps, Russian superstitions be damned! (It’s a Russian superstition that women who sit on the ground can become barren… Cheap birth control?)

A parade, some sun, happy Muscovites, and free donuts — what else could you possibly want from a September weekend and a Moscow City Day?!