Moscow City Day (but mostly Krispy Kreme)

I set off early on Saturday to enjoy the excitement that is День Города (Moscow City Day), a celebration that happens the first weekend of September to celebrate the wonderful city of Moscow. I arrived downtown early to meet with a new friend and ended up enjoying the parade of marching bands on Tverskaya Street. There was a whole group of different countries offering some sweet music; no Americans, though. With current tensions, I wouldn’t be surprised if our pep band wasn’t invited to the party.

Regardless of the lack of Americans, there was plenty to enjoy while walking down the street. I got to see all of the the countries as they were still waiting around when I got there. Some countries were more serious during their wait:


And some were having a little more fun:


After hearing the bands, I headed out to meet up with some friends. After successfully navigating the awful mess that is central Moscow during a holiday (think paths blocked, metal detectors, confused people bumping into each other, etc), we ended up on a small side street located right next to Red Square. We saw a long line of Russians and decided to queue up just for the hell of it. Turned out to be a wise idea — Krispy Kreme was giving out six free donuts to each person in honor of the opening of their very first store in Moscow.

Glorious. Simply glorious. Our sweet-tooth American-ness came out as we devoured several donuts right there on the chilly steps, Russian superstitions be damned! (It’s a Russian superstition that women who sit on the ground can become barren… Cheap birth control?)

A parade, some sun, happy Muscovites, and free donuts — what else could you possibly want from a September weekend and a Moscow City Day?!

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12 thoughts on “Moscow City Day (but mostly Krispy Kreme)

  1. These are great! I especially LOOOOVE that last photo! I’m in the process of editing a bunch of Moscow Day pix for my own post (I took 150+). Did you see the Korean marching band dancing Gangnam Style? My mom was like, WHAT are they doing? while my sister and I cracked up and danced along. Also, I dont like donuts but your KK pix made me all America-nostalgic. My family tried to drag me in the direction of the Kremlin and Kuznecky Most, but we already waked 3 boulevards AND I was kind of drunk by that point, so we went to McD instead :)

    1. No I missed the Gangnam Style dancing… Damn. Yeah, you didn’t miss much near the Kremlin… Just a ton of people wandering around trying to figure out how to get around the barriers. McD’s was a sound choice :)

  2. Since they closed their store on the Berlin Turnpike, your aunt Marie and I haven’t had Krispy Kreme donuts in a long time. But there you are, in Moscow, going barren (It’s also an old Polish superstition) while getting fatter. Priceless!

  3. Oh gosh, I’ve run into the “don’t sit on the floor or you’ll _______” more times than I’d like. Most recently, I was told it was because the cold would give me a UTI or bladder infection. Come on. So, I feel your pain on that annoying one.

  4. Of course, the cold does suppress the immune system which could theoretically make infection more likely and thus cause XYZ problems, so it’s not 100% based in fiction, but it’s still obnoxious to hear. And infertility is a far cry from that. As long as you aren’t routinely icing your lady bits, I probably wouldn’t worry.

    I enjoyed the pictures; particularly the hat stacking.

  5. A friend of mine sent me to your blog… I’m about to move to Moscow also. I have many friends there and will be teaching English as well. Love to hear about foreign experiences in places. I’m currently in Belgrade, Serbia…Loving your blog though! :)

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