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Being Touristy: Fallen Monument Park

My favorite statue (of Andrei Sakharov). Unfortunately I didn't have the patience to wait for the stream of passersby to stop before snapping a pic.

My favorite statue (of Andrei Sakharov). Unfortunately I didn’t have the patience to wait for the stream of passersby to stop before snapping a pic.

As I mentioned in my 1000 ruble weekend post, we headed over to what’s called in English the Fallen Monument Park. It’s a mini park situated right across the street from Gorky Park and right next to the modern art division of Tretyakov Gallery (and the Central House of Artists).

Krymskiy Val 10. Exit from metro Oktyabrskaya or Park Kul’turi.

I think I remember reading that they had somewhere around 700 statues in the park. We spent about an hour meandering around, but it seems like they were preparing more outdoor exhibitions for spring (I mean, real spring) so you could potentially spend even more time there if you were so inclined.

Einstein and Bor.

Einstein and Bor.

Of course, the most famous part of the park is the actual fallen monuments. As the Soviet Union began to collapse, the big signs of Communism began to fall out of favor. When the signs or statues were taken down, they were basically thrown away into this area and left to do whatever it is old statues do in their free time.

In the past, the statues were literally discarded like trash: they lay in this park however they were tossed in. Today you can see the statues all standing upright, albeit with a few… cosmetic… alterations by some hooligans. You can see Stalin, Lenin, and a host of other prominent Russian/Communist figures.


The children called him Iosef No-Nose.


Lenin, looking a little Darth Vader-y.


Spiky bear

I would highly recommend checking this place out — you can walk, see art, and discover a part of history that didn’t quite make it into the trash can.

ALSO. I signed up for Twitter. I was doing it to get an entry into a contest but then I missed the deadline. Now I have Twitter… Obviously I’m using it to follow Kanye West, but beyond that I’m not sure what to do with it.

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Keep it classy, Moskva.

Keep it classy, Moskva.


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